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Whether you be Werewolf, Changeling, or something else, you call this city of iron your home. The balance of power is delicate, and lately the currents of change have moved briskly through your lives. You have seen evidence of Vampires in recent nights. A wild cackling can be heard when one is alone in the dark. Shadows slither and seethe when they think you aren’t looking. Ghostly apparitions are causing the local mortal populace to take extra care. Enraged snarling is sometimes heard along major highways at night. Rumors of Hunters are whispered in fear.

Whatever your motivations, your groups have agreed that forming a stronger alliance than the standard truce is called for. None of you are sure what to expect, but all of you are prepared to fight for your home if required. You are the doers, the thinkers, the movers and shakers who make things happen. While you may not trust your allies, you know they are your best chance at discovering the causes of these changes and, hopefully, restoring the semblance of peace you previously enjoyed.

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